SCIPP Advisory Committee

Rebecca Jennings

Hurricane Program Specialist
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region IV


Rebecca Jennings is a Hurricane Program Specialist with the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Region IV in Atlanta where she supports a variety of projects to help State and local agencies prepare for hurricane hazards. These include providing assistance to State and local agencies for developing hurricane evacuation plans, conducting vulnerability assessments, and increasing public awareness through training and outreach programs. She is also a member of the Hurricane Liaison Team (HLT), which consists of FEMA, National Weather Service, and emergency management officials deployed to the National Hurricane center to ensure the rapid exchange of information prior to and during land-falling tropical cyclones. The HLT works directly with National Hurricane Center forecasters to monitor storm tracks and facilitate communication with Federal, State, and local emergency managers. Previously, Rebecca worked for The Weather Channel as a member of the local programming team. As the emergency management liaison, she worked closely with emergency managers to provide information to local communities during land-falling hurricanes and other significant weather events. In addition, she was as a meteorology product manager for the Local on the 8s and Weatherscan. Rebecca earned her Master of Science in Earth and Atmospheric Science from Georgia Tech and Bachelor of Science in Communication from Ohio University, Athens, OH. She is an active member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and a Weather and Society Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) fellow.